Years ago, I was watching a television show where a group of children 4-8 years of age where asked candidly about what they thought love is? All their answers were interesting and funny, but one little boy’s answer was different and interesting, he said, ‘it’s love when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken at the dinner table.’ I wasn’t married then, but thought this was quite observant & cute!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the usual argument against it is that why should love be expressed only once a year? It’s a great way to show love for someone with flowers, chocolates, gifts etc., but I believe what conveys love more than any of these things are the little things we do for each other. It’s when my 8-year-old son offers a massage when I am not well, or gets upset when I lose a board game while playing with a group of his friends. It is love when my husband keeps a cup of tea ready when I get back from work, and he is working from home. Or when a friend calls to check on you when they haven’t heard from you for a few days. It is love when my family tidy’s up the room because they know I don’t like clutter (it usually doesn’t bother them:). Also, when a mom lets her family have the last serving of a delicious meal by saying that she’s not hungry anymore. It is love when a Dad after a long day of work says yes to reading a book with his child.

Love is something between the lines, in the nuance, something which at times can’t be expressed in words. Someone has rightly said that a person who finds grammatical errors in a love letter can be a good editor, but not a great lover!!

Maybe, Valentine’s Day is a way of saying thank you to a loved one for showing their love in so many ways. And the flowers, chocolates and gifts are just a way to add some variety to the mundane daily routine. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also appreciate the small gestures of love around us everyday!

3 thoughts on “Love

  1. We all face this things as parent… only thing is we don’t give these things a second thought. One goes back to that square when reads this. Good that u put it on paper.👍🏻 Too good yaar.


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