Unique and interesting gifts for children

My son is in elementary school and every time we receive a birthday party invite, looking for an unique and interesting gift is a struggle. Children these days mostly have everything, so to find a book, toy or a game which is appropriate for the age group as well as relevant and creative, is always a challenge. Giving a gift card is always an option, and I have used that option at times as the last resort. I prefer buying a gift and giving it with a gift receipt mainly for two reasons, one because I have noticed how children’s faces light up when they receive a gift for a special occasion. And, the other reason being that I can get my child involved in thinking and buying a thoughtful present for someone else. I can’t say this for all the kids, but my son definitely enjoys having a package to open! In my quest to look for an unique gift, I searched extensively and browsed through many sites and was thrilled when I discovered https://tksstgiftguide.tumblr.com/(Over 500 smart gift ideas for all ages, curated by The Kid Should See This™) and LOVE it! We have ordered gifts based on the suggestions on this site for my son as well as a few of his friends for birthdays and Christmas, and they have been a hit.

And, now something even cooler! It turned out that the tksstgiftguide is part of this site https://thekidshouldseethis.com/ (smart videos for curious minds of all ages).
Here is a brief description from the site, ‘Search & enjoy 4,000+ smart & super-cool, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos in the classroom or together at home, curated by Rion Nakaya with her 8 & 10 year olds.‘ From whatever we have explored so far, the site is amazing and the videos are fun! It has the following categories: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, SPACE, ANIMALS, NATURE, FOOD, DIY, MUSIC, ART, ANIMATION, RANDOM VIDEO! And, with an e-mail subscription you can get 7 smart videos delivered to your mailbox every week. Hope the gift giving guide is useful and I look forward to exploring the videos!

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